Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I only went in for an oilcloth...

I love Ikea and keen eyed readers of my blog have already spotted my very pretty garden table and accessories which I bought there a few years ago - this green oilcloth really brightens up the cheapest and nastiest plastic table underneath, and I have a collection of these pretty cream lanterns - the best friend has a matching collection in stainless steel!

Today I had "occasion" to pass Ikea and I really only needed a new oilcloth for the garden table - last year's abject neglect has faded the green one and a replacement was in order.  I ended up coming home with a huge bag of goodies for the house...  First stop was the oilcloth - sadly the variety of colours available were really poor - black & white or yellow and white.  The yellow was particularly bile-inducing so I opted for the black which you can see below.  According to the website, it's also available in navy, green and light blue, but these were sadly nowhere to be seen (I would LOVE the navy!). I picked up a packet of lemon salt which is actually bright yellow and a set of 365+ spice jars which you can see full of nice things (L-R Lemon Salt, Sea Salt, Cimbru and Greek Seasoning Mix). 

I have the biggest collection of Ikea candles and napkins known to man, so of course I bought more... lots of apple-scented Tindra tealights in both sizes, some more Ronas tealight holders,  a new napkin holder - the last one fell off the top of the fridge & didn't survive..., packs of yet more very funky Dribbla napkins, a laptop support which was badly needed and in use as I type, some new drinking glasses (we started off 9 years ago with 12 and there's less than half that number now, thanks to The Hubs and his knack of banging them off the kitchen tap)  and a new griddle pan which shall be used for the indoor searing of lovely steak!

And how much did this little spree set me back?  Just over €70 - a lot of stuff for not a lot of euros.  I also had lunch in the restaurant and it was gorgeous - stuffed salmon fillet with vegetable cakes (these are divine) and carrots.  The quality of the food is superb and I'd love the recipe for the vegetable cakes...

 I do love value for money!!


  1. "I only went in for an oilcloth" - famous last words in Ikea!

  2. Hi, there in Ireland, hows your spring/summer going, it looks good from the photos.

    If you want to see a fantastic collection of oilcloth, take a look at in my store, shipping rates are reasonable too, although im in Aussie.

    Susie from
    I Just Love That Fabric

  3. Haven't been to Ikea since just before Christmas so haven't seen their summer stuff this year... and no chance of a trip now :( lucky thing. Love the lamps and those Oriental Poppies! Envious.

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