Friday, May 28, 2010

Linguine with Smoked Trout and Peas

As we were leaving the Bord Bia Irish Food Bloggers Event last Thursday, there was a scrum at the back of the room when the big table of foodie freebies was spotted.  We got the chance to sample some of the finest Irish produce and included in my haul was some Goatsbridge Smoked Trout.  I toyed with the idea of giving it to Little Sis and then decided to be very selfish and keep it all for us.

I've made this recipe many times before but always using barbequed salmon, so I knew the trout would work perfectly with the other ingredients.  The original recipe uses dill as the herb, but I never have any so I used a mix of flat parsley and chives.  The beauty of this meal is that it's a one-pot dish, so very little washing up for The Hubs to do! 

To make it a bit more healthy, I've used low fat creme fraiche - I don't find any taste difference.  I also use petit pois rather than peas - they're more tender and sweet and I prefer the taste.  You can completely ignore me and use whatever you like (of course!).  All my recipes are for 2 servings, so increase quantities as necessary to suit your needs...

Linguine with Smoked Trout and Peas

150g dried Linguine
1 packet Goresbridge Smoked Trout (approx. 200g)
3 tbsp Creme Fraiche
2 large handfuls frozen Petit Pois
1 tbsp Flat Parsley, chopped
1 tbsp Chives, snipped
Black Pepper to season

Cook the linguine in a large pot of salted water for 11 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid clumping together.

Flake the trout into bite sized pieces and set aside until needed

Test the pasta after 9 minutes - if there's still a bit of a bite, add the peas and cook for 2-3 minutes until the pasta is ready.  Reserve 3-4 tbsp of the pasta water at this stage

When the pasta and peas are cooked, drain and return to the pot and reduce the heat to the lowest setting. Add the smoked trout, creme fraiche and herbs and stir well.

If the sauce is too thick, use some of the reserved cooking water to thin out to your preferred consistency.

Season with some freshly ground pepper and serve in warm bowls - this does cool very quickly.


  1. was planning on making something like this with some left over smoked salmon tonight! Sometimes I find it can be quite bland though - do you find those herbs give it a good flavour?

  2. Dill would certainly pack a flavour punch and works well with any fish, but himself isn't too fond of it so I use the parsley & chives which work very well with the sweetness of the peas. Garlic & parmesan overpower this dish, so steer clear

  3. thanks mrs - I reckon I will pick up some parsley and chives this evening and try them so! Trying to do an economy gastronomy with the contents of the fridge!

  4. Great minds think alike! I'm planning something very similar in the next few days. This looks fab!

  5. Yum, now I need to buy some more of that yummy trout. Knew I shouldn't have given that second pack to my dad!

  6. Ah, that trout was fab. Mine is long gone by now!