Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Steps

Well, I managed to get home from hospital on Wednesday night, a lot earlier than the good doctors & nurses would have like, but I couldn't face another night of shared bathrooms and uncomfortable beds. The Hubs drove very slowly over the millions of speed ramps which litter the area in which we live (ouch) and helped me up the stairs to bed, where I stayed until the next morning.

Then I had the bright idea of getting up, going to WW, collecting my government riches in the Post Office and getting some painkillers, as the hospital had basically given me a prescription for Junior Aspirin. Given what they had done to me the day before, that wouldn't even touch the sides... so a quick call to my GP resulted in a new supply of high-quality drugs for moi. Off I went : up 2lbs in WW which was hardly surprising seeing as I was full of gas from the op. Collected my riches and didn't purchase a winning lotto ticket. Went to the chemist for my fix where the nice Spanish pharmacist gave out to me for being out of bed - she knew what happened during the op... and finally a wander around the supermarket as the cupboards were bare. Made it home by lunchtime absolutely knackered & retired to bed for the afternoon.

Friday was a stay in bed day - I had all the supplies necessary for this mission : remote controls x 3 (tv, Sky+ and media hard drive). Phones x 2 (landline and mobile). Books & magazines. Laptop. Water and painkillers. Then I got numb bum - no matter what way I sat up or lay down, I wasn't comfy. I reckon that during the op, they threw me around the table like a rag doll in advanced yoga positions and my poor legs & hips were only just realising how traumatised they were! I managed to cook dinner which took an awful lot longer than usual thanks to my state of blissed-out painkiller stupor.

Yesterday I was like a bag of hoors. I was hurting, I was grumpy and you couldn't even look sideways at me without me wanting to beat the crap out of you with a shovel. The Hubs cleaned the house from top to bottom while I went for a snooze on the couch- mainly to avoid watching Leinster getting a hiding from Toulouse. To compensate for my extreme narkiness, I made dinner and a few drinks took care of the sleeplessness issue! I just was on the phone to Little Sis describing my litany of pain and she reckons they bent me in half backwards to achieve what they did in theatre... eewwww. I haz lots of hurt today.

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