Friday, August 13, 2010

O'Donnells Crisps - Perfection in a Packet

A few weeks ago, the ever-wonderful Damien Mulley let slip that Ed O'Donnell was giving away crisps.  Now I first thought that it was a windup but then I decided to drop Ed an email and... it was genuine!

That's Ed there in the picture - isn't he a handsome lad... nearly as lovely as his crisps!

A few days later, the postman came knockin' at my door and left me a brown paper parcel tied up with string (honestly), filled with two of my new two favourite things...

Two packets of O'Donnell's Crisps

In the Red corner was Mature Irish Cheese and Red Onion, and in the Blue corner was Irish Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt.  Being a caring, sharing kind of person, I didn't tear them open on the spot but decided to hold fire for a few days until The Hubs was around and we could taste them together.  Now The Hubs is a man who likes his crisps a lot.  I honestly think that he likes going to France every year so he can eat lots of Brets Chips a l'Ancienne Petit Oignons and he is counting down the days until he gets his next fix!

Anyway, back to the crisps.  I'm now putting on my Dervla Kirwan M&S dirty voice and am telling you that "these are not just any crisps, these are authentic handcooked Tipperary crisps". 

The cheese in the Cheese and Onion hails from Mount Callan and is very tasty indeed - a world away from the mass produced crisps you usually find on the supermarket shelves.  Apparently Mount Callan Farmhouse Cheese is an award winning cheese made in Co. Clare using traditional cheddar methods. By allowing their cheese to mature for 9- 12 months it adds to the full flavour of O’Donnells crisps - and we can vouch for that.

As for the Cider Vinegar which adds to the unique flavour of O’Donnells crisps - this is locally sourced from Con Traas at The Apply Farm in Tipperary and they taste amazing.

They didn't stay like this for long...

They're stocked by Supervalu and Centra and I strongly encourage, nay URGE you to try them... before we eat them all!