Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week's Likes and Loathes

I'm in holiday countdown mode which means that I'm mainly ignoring my blog duties (although I did write a guest blog post for somebody...).  This week, it's really been all about the likes, rather than the loathes - lucky me!

Top of the list is Hickeys Pharmacy.  2 weeks ago I bought a bottle of Lancome Adaptive foundation there as it was being discontinued & sold at 50% off - a bargain!  Two days later, I went to take the bottle out of my bag in the gym to disguise my tomato red face and CRASH - the brand new bottle shattered all over the floor.  I went straight into Hickeys to see if they had another bottle but the answer was no.  The lovely assistant took my name & volunteered to check with the other branches to see if she could track one down, although she wasn't too hopeful.  I assumed I'd never hear from her again.  She rang me last Sunday & told me she found a full bottle of it at home when she was clearing out & offered to give it to me free of charge.  How lovely was that???  I gratefully accepted and am absolutely blown away by her kindness.

Next up is Dunnes Stores.  Little Sis rang me in a panic trying to source a pair of boots for Lulu as they were out of stock in all the branches near her.  I went to our local Dunnes where they were also out of stock, but the incredibly nice lady at Customer Services checked every branch within a 50 mile radius and then arranged for one of the managers to collect the only pair left from the Wexford branch & bring them up for me!  Fantastic customer service & not what I had come to expect from Dunnes.  Little Sis & Lulu are equally impressed.

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