Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Week's Likes and Loathes

In the last L&L post I raved enthusiastically about a shop in Dun Laoghaire called the Sweetest Thing.  Well I'm back to rave about it a little bit more - specifically their bloody amazing sausage rolls.  These aren't those pastry-heavy, almost meat free offerings you find elsewhere... they are the real thing.  Beautifully seasoned pork with a very thin and crispy pastry shell, these are worth a trip on the DART, 46a, 75 or however you choose to travel.  If one was hungover (ahem, not that I ever would be), these would be the perfect soakage food.  Or if you're feeling a little bit virtuous, share one and serve it with a giant healthy salad.  I was very mean and taunted LikeMamUsedToBake with a bite by bite report on the gorgeousness of my sausage roll so I will buy her one all for herself.

Second on my list of Loves is my brand new shiny iPhone.  I love this loads.  In fact, I may love it more than The Hubs... and he knows it!  I dressed it in an apple green case (so I can find it in the bottomless pit commonly known as my handbag) so it's very pretty indeed.

I've only had it a week but there's already loads of fab foodie apps I've discovered and downloaded... here's just a few of my favourites

Echofon - great app for accessing Twitter on the go & for blogging in the kitchen while I'm cooking

Twitpic - the perfect companion to Echofon for uploading photos of food & other random things like the contents of my drinks cabinet

DeCecco - a handy pasta resource full of recipes & advice

BigOven - a giant recipe book to give you loads of ideas

Epicurious - a fantastic app from a website I love

iFillet - want to know how to cook the perfect steak?  This is all you need...

Mixology - now this is fun... an app which gives you cocktail suggestions based on what you have.  Finally, a use for my bottle of Frangelico!

Two of my Favourite Things...

Things I Loathe

When I drop things - yesterday a tray of World Peace Cookies bit the dust on the way out of the oven.  Splattered everywhere...  Also managed to bounce my media hard drive on the floor but it survived (thank god)


  1. Now would there be maybe a ahem cake to go with that there sausage roll? You know I likes a bit of cake. :)

  2. Thanks for posting links to those apps - most check them out & see if they do a Blackberry version!

  3. I just so happen to be passing through Dun Laoghaire very shortly. I may grab a sausage roll or seven :)

    PS: LOVE Frangelico! When we were in Florida they served it with Tiramisu. Nomnomnom x