Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week's Likes and Loathes

It's not all about food this week - one of my other loves is nail polish.  If you saw the amount of bottles crammed into the vanity case that lurks under the coffee table, you'd be taken aback (or very jealous...)

Last Sunday I found myself in Dundrum and I ended up at the Chanel counter in House of Fraser handing over far too much money for a bottle of their newest must-have polish called Paradoxal.  It's a purple-grey colour with a hint of shimmer and I AM IN LOVE.  It has been admired by all who have seen it and it is currently my most prized polish.

The other love this week is from Aldi - the Specially Selected Ribeye Steaks to be precise.  Yes, they are €11.99 for 2 but they are fabulous - especially when cooked on the BBQ and the sun is shining.  It's Irish Angus beef and most importantly, it carries the Bord Bia Quality Mark, so you know it has to be good.

Now for the Loathes. 

Tesco is the baddie this week due to their annoying habit of pulling items off the shelves in the most irritatingly random fashion.  I went in search of Maldon Salt and their own brand Premium Jamaican Ginger Ale - both of which I tend to buy in bulk.  GONE.  And apparently for good according to the poor man who had to break the news to me.

Every little helps... I don't think. 


  1. 11.99 for two? crikey....I can get two angus ribeyes for a £8.00 in our market on a saturday.....not showing off, just saying....heh

  2. You're a wee troublemaker. Local butcher ribeyes aren't a patch on Aldi (and they're always too thin!).

  3. I totally love those Aldi Ribeye steaks (particularly when they are down to 9.99) they're a very big treat chez nailish ramblings

  4. I agree completely on the Tesco issue!! I have stopped shopping there having discovered that shopping in smaller, local places actually averages cheaper. How could they get rid of Maldon salt of all things?! It's a staple!! :)

  5. Bah! Tescos. I'll never forgive them for removing the Caramelised Red Onion Hummus from our local one without any warning! *fumes*