Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On The Way...

The car was packed, filled with diesel and headed in the direction of Rosslare Harbour.  The crossing was smooth, the food was oh so average and the wifi was €8 per hour (no thank you very much).  We arrived in Cherbourg at 11am on Sunday and thanks to paying a mere tenner extra for speedy exit, were off the boat in 90 seconds!

By the time the vast majority of cars were trundling down the ramp, we had collected our wine from Mme Pilard at the Hotel Ambassadeur, had a quick cafe creme & croissant at the bar opposite and were driving down to the Vendee.

It sounded idyllic but then the sat nav went utterly bananas...  I knew where I was going - Cherbourg, Rennes and then down to Nantes.  Oh no, said the little pink Nuvi 250.  Turn around.  I believed it once as there were loads of new roads that didn't show on the map update.  And then it was WAR!

We stopped at a creperie in Fougeres called Creperie Tivabro - hidden behind the castle in a little courtyard area and it was a great decision to have lunch there... the food was sensational and they pride themselves in using locally sourced produce.

I had a Rond. St. Vincent galette which was filled with Reblochon cheese, potatoes & Savoie ham & beautifully dressed salad.  The Hubs went for the Complet avec Oignons which was a galette with ham, softened onions and an egg on top.  They don't stock "branded" drinks, so we had Breizh Cola and Limonade Artisanale - both gorgeous...

Afterwards, we decided we needed a sugar boost so had a scoop of Fleur du Sel Caramel and Chocolate Noir icecream served in gorgeous glasses & topped with a little Breizh flag!  I had a coffee to keep me awake for the rest of the trip (I was doing the driving...)

And the cost of this gorgeous lunch?  €25.80.

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